Washington, D.C. | U.S.A. — Jan 6th, 2021: Trump Initiated Riots at the Capitol: QAnon Shaman, Jake Angeli. Photo by Johnny Silvercloud
Original Black Panther Alumni (left) Dr. Saturu Ned, (right) Professor Steve McCutchen in West Oakland during the filming of a Black Panther Oakland City Tour. Photo by Craig Vincent, AP2TP Collective.
The glass window door of Tribune Tavern shows broken glass after a woman with a bat hit the window during a protest on Saturday, July 25. Photo by Michelle Snider.
Two artists have painted a Steven Universe cartoon character named “Garnet.”

My mom on her wedding day to her second husband, my evil abusive step father. I didn’t know it at the time but she later told me she was already pregnant in this picture to my younger brother.

Michelle Dione

Journalist, Writer, Photog, Video. Oakland Based. Most known for filming viral “BBQ Becky” video, best known for exposing right-wing fascism. Also, I’m a witch.

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