Warriors for Freedom — Police & CIA are Involved in Pro-Trump Rallies

Michelle Dione
6 min readJun 5, 2017

Joey Gibson is the organizer to watch these days when it comes to rallies that cause lots of political drama. Joey Gibson helped put together many rallies already, some of which include the most violent rallies such as the Battle of Berkeley April 15, 2017.

Per Joey’s Facebook, he is a self employed Psyche major. What exactly he does other than traveling the country for these rallies and organizing them is unknown. One pattern became apparent. He is part of a group called Warriors for Freedom. He books his rallies under the name “Patriot Prayer” closely working with local police departments and city officials to ensure the dangerous “Freedom of Speech” Rallies carry on despite local residents and mayors like in Portland, OR who wanted the rally to be reschedule after recently suffering two deaths from a hate crime, have no choice but to deal with prejudice and possible violence in their home cities.

The most alarming information about Warriors for Freedom (not to be confused with an actual non-profit called Warriors for Freedom) is the fact that they are largely organized by actual police officers. Now, police are people, they have their own beliefs that differ just like anyone else. While Warriors for Freedom do organize peacefully with a much more strict message against violence than groups like Proud Boys or Identiy Evropa do, they do wave the image of a “Blue Lives Matter” flag in many of their pictures and at their rallies.

Michelle Dione

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